Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NHIA Poster Comp

My next illustration project is an advertising poster for the school. I decided to focus on the new building they just completed this fall, 88 Lowell. My idea plays on the idea that the school is a work of art and the student is the last detail needed to finish it. This is my final color comp, I should be starting the Final tomorrow.

Monday, March 1, 2010


My work "Life in Hell IV" is being featured in the new issue of Flannel, an arts zine published in Orono, ME. They were recently profiled in the Bangor Daily News. I did the drawing one afternoon last may in my notebook. The original drawing is in the zine, but I also digitally colored the image, which I produced into a four foot tall poster. My work has also been featured in the second issue of Flannel released in February 2009 including my drawing 'Life in Hell I'. Life in Hell is an ongoing series I work on from time to time featuring intricate pen drawings of hellish landscapes. I kind of think of it like what life would look like out your kitchen window if you lived in Hell.