Thursday, October 21, 2010

Piper / Walk to School


'Walk to School'

Occasionally when I do collage I have a really good idea for mixing two elements together, in these two cases, mixing black and white photos with a simple texture or color. I then sit and sort through all my stuff and am totally lost for what else I should add. I eventually give up and let the piece sit until I pick it up down the road and flip through my photos again still finding nothing. I've been sitting on these two collages for awhile and I think its time to just call them finished. Sometimes all you need is a simple collage.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oil Paintings at J Dubs Coffee

Today I brought some of my oil paintings over to J Dubs to display and hopefully sell. From left to right I have...

'Biggie' Spring 2010 $125.00
'Vegetables and Tools' Summer 2010 $250.00
'Juggling Balls and Coke' Summer 2010 $100.00
'Pumpkin and Hand Drill' Fall 2010 $75.00

So make sure to stop in and get yourself a coffee and enjoy the work. The address is 1000 elm street, right next to thousand crane in the Brady Sullivan Plaza, directly under the dark foreboding Brady Sullivan Tower.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Comic Book Character Designs

'AJ, Marcus, Brad & Topher'

Before we jumped into making our comic book we did character designs of all the main players. We're starting work on the actual pages soon so expect to start seeing some of the actual story. I still need to come up with an ending, probably something involving a high speed chase, huge explosions, hostages and a police standoff. Yeah that could work.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I had to get out of Manchester today so me and Jess Durant went to a state park. I tried to take photos but I accidentally exposed half the role. There's a reason I'm not a photography major. Luckily this drawing of Jess and her magnifying glass survived the trip. I was going to color it in but photoshop kept quitting on me and then I accidentally busted my wacom pen. I'm ordering a replacement but sadly I can't play in photoshop for probably a week. Technology doesn't like me today.