Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blinded by the Sex

I've been busy getting ready for Christmas so I thought I would just do a music post today. This is a track me and my friends recorded for The Jonee Earthquake Tribute Cd. The story goes that me and my friend Phildoh Montenegro had a band together to record but it fell through the morning of the session. In a panic I ran around my dorm looking for anyone who could play instruments. I found my friend Luke Farry who could play bass and he joined our crew. I then left a message for my friend Spencer Worthley who I knew could play drums. Without hearing back from him we decided to depart Manchester and see what we could come up with in the studio since we were running out of time. Two blocks away from his street he calls us back and says hes on board so we quickly pick him up. Apparently theres also a blizzard going on, which we were totally oblivious about, making us slow down to a crawl on the highway with time running out. We learned the song and wrote down all the lyrics on the drive since we hadn't really done our homework. We arrived at the Electric Cave studio in Portsmouth only 15 minutes late and got right to work. Joe Queer of the Queers and Jim Tierney were manning the boards and producing and they could hardly believe we had never played the song before, let alone ever jam with each other. We started recording without even a dry run and did two takes. Both were keepers but there was a glitch on the first track so we went with this one. I flubbed the guitar solo a little but it doesn't really bother me since I was making the whole thing up off the top of my head anyway. With all the obstacles we faced that morning its a miracle the song was recorded at all, but here it is.

If you want to pick up a copy of the Cd its available through Jonee Earthquake or Here. Its a really amazing compilation with exceptional sound quality and alot of awesome local bands.

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