Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Severed Heads on the Dance Floor

The 'Musica de la Muerta' series includes two pieces. "Narcocoriddo" featured in my last post, and this piece "Severed Heads on the Dance Floor". I wanted to put this piece up as well so they could be viewed together, but I also felt I should give a little of the backstory, since many people might take this as imagination alone and not realize its based on actual events. On September 6, 2006 Gunmen entered a bar in Uruapan, which is located in the Mexican Province of Michoacán. They tossed five decapitated heads on the dance floor with a note that read...

"The family doesn't kill for money. It doesn't kill women. It doesn't kill innocent people, only those who deserve to die. Everyone knows that. This is divine justice."

The article in Vibe went into detail about the event, but I also found this article which provides more details for those interested.

What originally captivated me about the Vibe article and these events was the strange clash of cultures they displayed. On one side you have the ruthless cartels operating with no regard to human life and remorse, and on the other you have the Mexican entertainment industry with its flashy display of silk shirts and polka beats. I played up the drama in the final piece by portraying the dance floor in full disco flair and having the mysterious gunman wear his finest boots, he is going out on the town after all.

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